Employee ePortfolio

A Central Record for Everything

Our ePortfolio feature records the professional qualifications and continuing development of each and every employee.

Consistent with AHPRA Criteria

ePortfolio has been designed with AHPRA guidelines in mind, so you can rest assured that the records you keep are review ready for all professional registration boards.

Always Be Audit Ready

With all your employees professional records securely stored in one place, you are prepared for an audit whenever it happens, wherever it happens.

Career Histories in a Snapshot

With such a comprehensive collection of qualifications, professional accreditations, and completed training, both you and your employees can see career development in action.

Add all learning anytime

Your employees can add learning and professional achievements no matter where they do them - one central portal for everything.

Easy to Send, Share, and Print

ePortfolio records can be downloaded as a PDF file and stored or shared via email. You can even print a paper copy to present at meetings or give to your employee.