Individualised Learner Pathways

A simple solution

Need a simplified system for assigning individualised learning pathways? We’ve made it easy to setup learner groups and pathways for individuals and teams.

Integrated learning as part of good governance

Monitor, record and report keeping a permanent record of everything in one place

Set time lines

Assign eLearning, Tasks and Documents

Making compliance easier than ever

Whether it’s on-boarding new employees with their mandatory learning package and documentation, assigning essential workplace health and safety learning activities to all employees, or assigning specific learning to an individual or group, you can do it all with AMSED 24/7.

Empowering your whole team

Through AMSED 24/7’s system of automated notifications your team will know what is expected and when. Better still, managers take responsibility for their team’s learning assignments and you empower individuals to manage their own assigned learning through their personalised dashboard. There will be no confusion. Everyone on the same page every time.