Our Industry Partners

AMSED 24/7 is a proud provider of services to Aboriginal health and medical services Australia wide.

We are trusted by AMSs across every corner of the country.

Our Integration Partners


This integration enables documents in Logiqc to be accessed by the AMSED 24/7 LMS via a hyperlink. This provides a central repository for all documents avoiding the risk of managing duplicate documents in separate portals. Your documents can be accessed by users, assigned to learners, and completion records stored in AMSED 24/7.


Streamline your healthcare workforce management with foundU, a comprehensive payroll and workforce management solution designed to seamlessly integrate with AMSED 24/7. Discover the benefits of efficient, accurate, and compliant operations with foundU.


We have teamed with Microsoft to make things easy for you.

If your organisation uses Microsoft 365 or other business service from Microsoft you can simplify access to AMSED 24/7 from anywhere with single sign-on (SSO). Users can access AMSED 24/7 with their existing Microsoft work accounts.

Discover the benefits of SSO now.