Integrate Documents

Understanding Made Simple

Integrate important documents into your training programs to elevate employee understanding. View agreement records, track compliance, and test knowledge all from one place.

Keep Everyone Informed

Assign essential documents to everyone across your entire organisation, or send more specific documents to particular groups and individuals within your team.

Quiz Your Employees

Just because an employee has read your
document doesn’t mean they completely
understand it. With a simple quiz you can find out whether an employee really knows what’s right and what’s not.

The ‘Leave Policy’ Example

Here’s the scenario – You’ve uploaded your ‘leave policy’ for everyone to read, so now it’s time to check that all your employees understand the right way to apply for leave (annual leave/sick leave etc).


How much notice do you have to give to apply for annual leave?


When taking sick leave, a leave form does not need to be completed. True or false?


Who has to approve your leave?

Three simple questions for employees to answer equals improved risk management. If anyone is unable to pass a quiz you’re instantly alerted, making it simple to follow up and engage with those individuals.